Know What Type Of Custody Is Right For You And Your Family


Custody arrangements during a divorce can be tough to negotiate when there is a toxic parent on the other side. If both parents have been active in the lives of their children and have a desire to parent the children as much as possible, a split custody arrangement is typical. Both parents would share legal and physical custody, and both would have an equal amount of time with the children. In some cases, a primary address is established and that parent may have full physical custody while the parents share legal custody. If one parent is not able to parent the children at all, the other parent may have sole legal and physical custody.

Co-Parenting with an Ex 

It's hard to co-parent with an ex, but it is necessary for the sake of the children involved. It's important to remember that even if you share legal and physical custody, you don't have to communicate with the other parent constantly. Your job is to take care of the children when they are in your home and to not interfere with the care they are receiving at your ex's house. Communication should be limited and each parent should do what is best for the children when they have them.

If Your Ex Is Unstable

There are times when one parent is not a stable person who can parent the children. They may not get any custody, or they may share legal custody with you and have supervised visitation rights. The instability must be clear, as you can't simply state that you don't want the children with your ex without proof of reasons why. If your ex is incarcerated, for example, they are not able to provide for your children and won't be able to share custody at this time.

When Circumstances Change

If there comes a time when circumstances change and you are looking to change the custody order you have, a child custody attorney can help. A material change of circumstance is sometimes enough evidence for the judge to make an amendment to the current custody arrangement. Material changes can include improving your circumstances and being able to provide for the children, getting stable housing, or anything that helps to show why you can now handle more custody than you have.

Child custody arrangements are different for every family. When your custody arrangement stops working for you, a child custody attorney is the answer. You can talk about your case and why you want your situation to change. With the right help, you may be able to get custody amended.


19 September 2019

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