Information Required During Adoption


If you are gearing up for adoption, then you should know that the government will require a lot of information from you. Below is some of the specific information you may be required to provide.

Criminal Background

The government will have to carry out a criminal background check on you. This is to confirm that they are not allowing a child into a dangerous environment that might affect the child's welfare. Not every crime automatically makes you ineligible for adoption. However, serious crimes such as drug crimes (such as drug trafficking) and sexual offenses might hinder your adoption plans.

Financial Ability

Some people think that only the wealthy can adopt kids—probably because the process includes evaluation of financial stability. However, the evaluation is just to ensure that you can take care of the child. After all, you will need to provide housing, healthcare, and education to the child.

Medical History

The government's representative who will be evaluating your family will also be interested in your medical history. The main thing here is to ensure that you don't have medical problems that may affect your ability to take care of the child. For example, some mental conditions can make childcare difficult, so they might be a barrier to adoption.

Living Arrangements

The representative will also pay your home a visit to evaluate your living arrangements. They will be interested in seeing the safety of your home, how you interact with your child, and whether every family member is receptive to the idea of adoption. Again, it doesn't mean that you need an expansive mansion to take care of the child; the child just needs a place in your home.

Birth Certificates

The main reason for checking your birth certificates is to ascertain your ages. This is because only those over the age of 18 are allowed to adopt kids. In many states, there should also be some age difference between the adoptive parents and the child they want to adopt. For example, it may be difficult for an eighteen-year-old to adopt a seventeen-year-old.

Marriage Certificate

In some states, you also need to be married to adopt a child. Not only that, but you may also need to have been married for some time for the adoption to go through. The best way to prove these marriage requirements is to show your marriage certificate.

Personal References

Lastly, the state representative may also want information on your personal references. These are people who know you well and can vouch for your ability to raise a child. This makes sense because the government cannot just take you at your word.

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27 September 2019

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