Can I Stop My Divorce?


Due to no-fault divorce laws, there is no way to stop a divorce once it has begun. Your spouse does not have to get permission and does not have to prove grounds for a divorce. You do not have any legal means to stop a divorce. There are ways to slow it down, but the divorce will eventually be finalized unless your spouse decides to reconcile. 


When your partner is filing for divorce, they often feel that there is no other way to solve the problems found in the marriage. You might feel that the divorce has hurt your pride, but you'll want to be open to the concerns that your partner has. 

Seeking Help

There are several professionals who can help you through the process of a divorce. A divorce attorney is the most important professional to speak with because they will help you understand what your legal options are and the best way to respond to the divorce. You may also want to work with a therapist. Going to see a therapist can show your partner that you're willing to make changes and may open their heart to the possibility of trying again. 

Withdrawing the Divorce Petition

The petitioner of the divorce has the ability to halt the divorce proceedings on their own. The petitioner will then want to find the court clerk who is responsible for processing the case. If the petitioner was working with a divorce attorney, they will know the court clerk who filed the divorce papers. There are paperwork procedures that must be followed to withdraw the divorce filing.

The forms for withdrawing a divorce petition are very easy to fill out. When working with a divorce attorney, the petitioner can have them fill out the paperwork. Early on in the case, there are usually no fees for withdrawing a divorce petition. 

Your spouse will need to serve you papers of a copy of a petition to withdraw. However, this is sometimes not necessary in some jurisdictions. All documents received by both parties must be kept because there might be a mistake in the future where the petition to withdraw is lost. 

When you have filed a counterclaim to the divorce petition, stopping a divorce will be more difficult, but you can still work with your partner to file a motion to dismiss if you decide to reconcile.

For more information, contact a divorce lawyer in your area.


3 October 2019

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After struggling for quite some time in my marriage, I could tell that things weren't going to get better. I felt like the end was near, but I couldn't tell how to get there. I started talking with family members and friends about how to approach things, and they suggested working with a family lawyer. When I sat down with the professional he laid it out for me, and I could tell that he knew what he was doing. We began moving through the divorce process, and it was amazing to feel the sense of relief that came with knowing that I was about to be separated from this person. Find out more about divorce on this website.